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In year 1978 we began to exhibit two of our mascots, a Pekingese and a Mountain of the Pyrenees.

We exhibited pekingeses until half-full of the 80. In 1986 we acquired our  Pomeranian.

We exhibited Pomeranians and Pekingeses until half-full of the 90. From 1993 we decided to raise and to expose single Pomeranians.

In this time we have made 52 championships (National, International, European and World-wide) in different countries.

All our Champions are bred in our house, except three who are concerned of other Kennelīs.

For most important us in a Pomeranian it is the structure and the character. In the Show we preferred a glad Pomeranian, anxious, amused and kind to everything what he is passing to his around and not an immovable Pomeranian that seems a statue and that possibly it has a timidity problem.

In the structure we give much importance to good bones, to the legs and the because most of the Pomeranian they have defective legs, mainly the weak and back, as well as backs.

We preferred that our dogs are in good houses with families who want them, that are great champions and live in the cages on kennel. If the people who welcome them live with them in the house and in addition they exhibit them, he the perfect thing.

Our greater pride is to have obtained 5 World-wide Championships, the absolute B.I.S. in the Euro Dog Show of 1996, the Best Of Breed of the Specialized one of Houston (the U.S.A.) of 1997 , the Best Group 5š of the World Dog Show of the 2001 and to be invited to participate in the Gold Necklace of Italy of the 2001, as well as to have made all the people happy who have welcomed in our dogs.

Members of:

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"Federation Cynologique Internationale"

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"American Pomeranian Club"

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"Real Canine Society of Spain"

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"Canine Society of Biscay"


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